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Beware! The Gruffalo has been seen at Farsley Farfield!

Sunday 17th March | 3 comments

We read the beginning of the Gruffalo story and thought about what the Gruffalo looked like and what sort of character he was. Then we were shocked and surprised to discover that he was hiding in our classroom and lurking about in the grounds! Luckily we then read the rest of the story and discovered that he wasn’t such a fearsome creature after all as the mouse manages to trick him and he is so frightened that he runs off! However we suggest that if you do see the Gruffalo you don’t approach him and you should report the sighting immediately to Mr Harris.
The Gruffalo on PhotoPeach

3 responses to “Beware! The Gruffalo has been seen at Farsley Farfield!”

  1. Amalia says:

    Farsley witch, are monsters are defenetly going to scare you!

    My monster is called the eye ball tummy monster!!!!

  2. Polly says:

    He is very scary.

  3. I’m not scared of the Gruffalo! I’m not even scared of the dragon in ‘Room on the broom!’ I know you’re all very good story writers but I challenge you to create a character which would frighten me!!!! HA, HA, HA! The Farsley Farfield Witch.

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