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Bog babies and cricket!

Friday 11th June | No comments yet

English and Art

Through the story Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis, we have introduced the idea of habitats.  The story is about two children who find a magical creature in the woods and take it home as a pet. Even though they thought they were taking good care of him, he actually became very ill. When they finally returned him to his natural habitat, he was able to thrive.

We have written some lovely descriptions of the bog baby’s habitat and have written a letter to a professor, explaining how to look after a bog baby. 

In art, we looked at the illustrations in the story. We looked at how the illustrator used lines and pattern to create the different trees and plants in the woodland scene. Children then started to complete a part of the scene from the story.


It was our first session of cricket on Thursday and we all enjoyed learning some new skills and games. Well done for remembering to come to school ready in your PE kits!

We practised throwing and catching; it was fun using the cones to help us catch. We then learned how to bowl and played some fun team games where we tried to score points by hitting the wickets. Finally we played a fun batting game in teams. Each team had to take turns to bat 5 balls while the other teams fielded. We then had to score runs by running around the wickets.


In maths this week we completed our work on capacity. We have used the symbols < > = to compare different amounts in litres and millilitres. We then practised reading scales that go up in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s.

Here are some links to practise:



We have also been revising some strategies for addition. In Year 2, children should be able to add and subtract two 2-digit numbers using an efficient method, explaining their method verbally, using pictures or apparatus. Please keep practising at home and refer to the calculation guidance sent previously.

Mount Everest Challenge

Every child in Year 2 has now completed one mile of their Everest challenge.

Skelton Grange Trip next week

We are really looking forward to our day out next week!

2LA are going on Tuesday

2LO are going on Thursday

Please remember appropriate clothing and a packed lunch on your day!

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