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Busy busy in Year 2!

Friday 24th November | 1 comment


In English this week, we have been building on our Polar Adventure drama by using the book ‘Poles Apart’ by Jeanne Willis to inspire our writing.  The children wrote fabulous descriptive postcards using ‘right choice words’ for adjectives and verbs.


In Maths, we have continued our work on multiplication.  The children have made good progress in their understanding of how to tackle worded multiplication problems. Some children even managed to solve two step problems.

Try to solve this two step problem:

Joe bakes 4 trays of buns.

There are 5 buns in each tray.

Joe sells 5 of the buns.  How many are left?

Christmas Performance

The children have been working hard practising the Christmas performance.  Please can you continue to practise the words at home and make sure that your child knows when to speak in the play (cue).

Learning Log

This week’s learning log is:

We have been writing expanded noun phrases in English. Draw or stick in a picture related to our topic ‘Polar Regions’. Then label the picture with expanded noun phrases. E.g. huge, furry polar bear or gigantic iceberg

Extra Challenge: Can you write a description, using your expanded noun phrases?


One response to “Busy busy in Year 2!”

  1. Tillis mummy says:

    Tilli is really enjoying the topic ‘polar regions’ and has really got stuck in with researching all about Antarctica and the Arctic region. She has her very own polar bear soft toy at home and enjoys telling the story ‘poles apart’ through him. Its lovely to see how engaged she is.

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