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Colm’s awesome home work.

Monday 24th February | 2 comments


Colm     (Click to open up the movie Colm made)

Introducing the moon recycling machine which takes rubbish  and turns it into jewels to help the poor people and make the world a better place.

Story and ideas:        Colm Pickering

Narrator:                    Colm Pickering

Lego builders:           Colm Pickering      &    Ruari Pickering

Director:                     Daddy Pickering

Camera:                      Colm Pickering

Technology    Consultant:                 Ruari Pickering

Filmed using iMotion on an iPod Touch

© Woodhall Park Studios 2014

2 responses to “Colm’s awesome home work.”

  1. Isla says:

    It is amazing how you take that much photos you must be proud of your homework.

  2. Gurkeiret says:

    Wow that is awesome Colm you must be proud of your awesome homework.

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