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Extreme Reading Challenge.

Sunday 23rd December | 2 comments

When we go back to school in January we will be thinking about some ‘Goals’ we would like to achieve in 2013. One of our ‘goals’ is going to be to become the better readers and to enjoy reading as many books as possible.

I have put a new page on our blog – look along the tabs at the top for the ‘Extreme Reading’ tab, or click here.

You can add reviews of the books you read in the holidays as comments and then I will add the book and you comment to our ‘Shelfari.’

2 responses to “Extreme Reading Challenge.”

  1. Mark Temporal says:

    Chloe has really grasped this task and in fact has turned it from a task to a pleasure for her. She is now reading in her mind rather than out loud which is a pleasure to see such an advancement at such a young age – A proud father and proud that my daughter is being educated at such a great school well done to the staff.

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. I am also very proud of Chloe’s achievements.It is wonderful to see her enjoying reading so much. Mrs Fisher

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