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Facts about knights , pages and squires. By Chloe

Monday 17th June | 3 comments

Knights had to be a page then a squire then a knight. When knights were jousting the went up to 6o mph on their hoses. Knights had several horses and different  activities. Knights go to special tournaments where they fight and joust on a horse. When a king or lord taps someone on their shoulder they become a knight. it takes 21 years to become a knight. A squire looks after a knight and makes sure the knight  is safe. You can be a page at the seven. Pages serve the food to the king, queen and lords. Pages sleep on the floor next to the knight that they train. Before knights joust someone measures the lances to make sure they are all same length. When a knight falls of a horse when he is fighting his squire comes and helps him to get back to the castle where it’s safe. Girls and boys can be a knight. When knight go to the toilet they don’t use toilet paper because it wasn’t invented so they used leaves to wipe their bottom. A knight is a professional soldier who fights people who try to attack their castle. A squire looked after the knights weapons and made sure they were safe. When a page trains to be knight they get piggybacks of their friends instead of riding on a horse. If a knight loved a lady he wrote poems for her and performed them for her. Knights wore shiny armour. At first a knight fights with a wooden sword and shield. Knights were used to protect the castle and fight other army’s . A boy who wanted to be a knight was taught to behave properly from an early age. Each knight has a special helmet and each knights helmet was a different size.

3 responses to “Facts about knights , pages and squires. By Chloe”

  1. Amalia says:

    Well done Chloe. You have tried your best.

  2. Miss Renton says:

    Look forward to reading about your favourite bits from your visit to Skipton Castle. My memory of the castle from when I was a girl was the toilet and they called it the long drop.
    If your family wants to learn more about castles and knights they can visit Knaresborough Castle on Sunday 30th June where they can see knights, battle enactments and birds of prey for free.


  3. janefisher says:

    Wow Chloe, I think not only are you like a walking encyclopaedia about Nocturnal Animals, but also now about Knights. I also thought your model of a castle was amazing. We must photograph it and put it on the blog. I hope you are looking forward to your trip – I think you will impress the adults at the castle with your knowledge! See you in the morning ready for an exciting day out! From Mrs Fisher. 🙂

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