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Finding out about the 1960s in Year 2

Friday 17th January | 2 comments

This week we have been finding out all about the 1960s.

Toys throughout History

First, we created a timeline of toys from Ancient Egyptian times to the present day. The children had to date the toys using their knowledge of materials and technology. Then we looked at the similarities and changes of toys over time. Next we learned about some toys that were popular in the 1960’s. Children were surprised that many of the toys were the same as today. Finally the children sorted pictures of toys into 1960s and present day and wrote about what they found out.

Using Artefacts

We looked at some objects and tried to work out what they were used for and what we use now instead. We then wrote some fact sentences to explain what we had learned.

We also found out lots of information about televisions in the 1960s. The children were amazed that there were only 3 channels and no remote controls!

Special Visitors!

This morning, we welcomed our visitors Pam and Martin (Mrs Loveridge’s mum and dad), who came to talk about their experiences of the 1960s. The children listened really well and asked some excellent questions.

We found out that in the 1960s schools were very different to today. There weren’t any of the bright colours, computers or fun resources that we now use. We learnt about how children would be punished if they were talking in class or naughty in school.

The children really enjoyed listening to The Beatles and we all joined in with The Twist. Martin told us all about holidays to the seaside and Pam told us about the fashions and hairstyles she wore.


In maths this week, we have started to understand the concept of division.   We have been using objects such as counters to solve division problems both by sharing and by grouping.

Reminders for next week and the week after:

Please come along to our evening meeting for parents on Thursday 23rd January at 5:00pm. We will be explaining end of Year 2 assessment and SATs.

On Thursday 30th January, the children are taking part in an all day drama, poetry and performance workshop. You are invited to attend our final performance at 2:40pm in the Infant Hall. Please make your contributions on ParentPay.

2 responses to “Finding out about the 1960s in Year 2”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    Annie enjoyed listening to Martin and Pam and learning all about the 1960s. Her favourite bit was finding out about the toilet outside in the shed!

  2. Helen Wells says:

    Ben’s really enjoyed learning about the 1960s and meeting Mrs Loveridge’s parents. Thanks for making the time to meet the class!

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