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Foul Play : Brazil. by Tom Palmer.

Friday 20th June | 1 comment

Every day this week we have read the next chapter of the online story, ‘Foul Play:Brazil’ written by Tom Palmer. At the beginning of the week we explored the use of speech in the story and recapped how to use speech marks. Then I had planned a lesson where we would predict what would happen next… only to discover that some one had been so excited they had read most of the chapter before school and had told their friend in the playground, what would happen in the chapter we were about to read! That’s how exciting the story is! It was brilliant! Ben and Finn had to write in secret and predict what would happen after the events the rest of the class were predicting!

On Thursday we started to write book reviews for the story so far and then we completed the work in ICT. Here are a few of the book reviews, presented on Purple Mash.

Today we got the chance to vote for what would happen next in the story. We had a really good discussion about the 3 different options and finally the majority of the class voted for option one. Now we have to wait until Monday to discover what other schools have voted for and to read the next story….. In the meantime, will England make it through to the next round of the World Cup?

One response to “Foul Play : Brazil. by Tom Palmer.”

  1. janefisher says:

    Wow! You’ve done some amazing work. Please say thank you to the children for
    the reviews. I love them.

    It’ll be great to meet some of them when I drop by.

    Thanks again,


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