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Friday 12th June

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Thank you again to everyone for all your support with home learning.

See below for some activities for today:

  • Maths lesson 4- Two-step problems
  • English- complete your bog baby report. Add a paragraph on ‘Interesting Facts’, then edit and improve your work.
  • DT- can you make a bog baby shelter?


Lesson 4- Two- step problems


Read through your report so far. Is there anything else you want to tell the reader about your bog baby? Complete a paragraph under the heading ‘Interesting Facts’.

When you have finished your report, check it using the going for green and going for gold. Are there any parts you need to improve?


With all this rain lately, the bog baby needs somewhere to stay warm and dry. Can you make a shelter for your bog baby?

Can you use sticks and twigs to make a frame? Maybe you have some other materials around the home such as straws, lolly sticks etc. How will you join your sticks to make a strong frame?

Photos from school

Photos from Home

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