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Friday 22nd January

Thursday 21st January | No comments yet

Well done for getting through another week! See below for today’s lessons:

Reading/Spelling 9-9:30

If you haven’t already completed the spelling table activity, please can you complete this today.


Please join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can. You will need the lesson header Week 3 Lesson 5.

Today we are continuing our museum information cards for artefacts and objects from the 1960’s. Today, children will be learning all about a projector and slides. Here are the teaching slides that will accompany the lesson:

Today’s task is to write a paragraph explaining what projectors were like in the 1960’s


Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can.

Today’s lesson is dividing by 2

Here are the lesson slides if you are unable to join us:

Children will need to watch the video and complete pages 55-58. There is also an activity in your packs.

Class Google Meet

Please join us in the 2LA and 2LO meet spaces at 1pm for an end of the week chat! Be ready to show and tell!

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