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Friday 26th June

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Thank you for all of your hard work this week. Next week, lots of you will be in school but for those of you staying at home, please be reassured that we will continue with our home learning which will be in sync with the lessons taught at school.

There are some maths and English activities to try at home today. If you are coming back to school next week, there is some additional information which may help the children prepare.


Complete the position and direction assessment from your pack. There is also an additional statistics lesson below if you have time!

Copy and complete the missing number calculations in your book. Choose going for green or gold!

Look at the following information and answer the questions:

Complete the activities on the attached word document. This can be completed straight into your books.


Edit and improve your poem from yesterday and copy up in your neatest handwriting. You could add some illustrations too!

If you are coming back into school next week, you could bring your poems in for adding to a display in your new bubble classrooms.

Returning to school?

Lots of you will be feeling different emotions about either coming back to school or about staying at home. It would be useful to talk through how your are feeling; Are you worried, excited, happy or sad? Maybe you are feeling all of these emotions at the same time?

Children returning to school: Please take some time to watch the video about what school is like. Make sure you have read the new rules to keep everyone safe. Perhaps you could practise ‘If you use it, wipe it!’ at home?

Also: Please remember to bring a packed lunch!

Photos from school:

Photos from Home

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