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Friday 5th June

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Good morning everyone. Home learning packs for the next 2 weeks are now available to collect from school.

See below for activities for today:

  • Maths lesson 4- odd and even numbers.
  • English- bog baby hunt activity
  • Art- create a bog baby
  • Wild life Trust Challenge information- see packs for print outs.


Lesson 4 – odd and even numbers

Watch the video then answer the questions on the worksheet in your pack.

There are further resources on bbc bitesize: Please click on the link to see another video and 3 activities.


Can you create your own bog baby? What will your bog baby look like? Will it have wings and a tail? Maybe it will have tentacles or antennae? Will it be soft and squishy or have a hard exterior? Bog babies can look different to each other but remember, they live in boggy ponds so must have features that makes them suited to their environment!

You will need:

  • clay or play dough (recipe here)
  • sticks, twigs, grass and other natural materials.
  1. Make your bog baby’s body using the clay or play dough.
  2. Add features using any natural materials you can find.
Here are some of the bog babies we made in school last year.


Note for parents: You may want to do the art activity before completing today’s English lesson. Perhaps the bog baby might be hiding somewhere??

We would like you to go on a bog baby hunt! http://jeannewillis.com/BogText1.html

Read these instructions: http://jeannewillis.com/BogText2.html

Have you found one? Where did you find it? What does it look like? How did it move? What did it do? Did it make a sound? can you work out what it likes to eat?

Record all of your observations on the bog baby study sheet in your pack:

Next week we will be spending the whole week writing a report about our bog baby. This study sheet will need to be completed first.

30 days Wild


We have signed up to a challenge from the Wildlife Trust called 30 Days Wild. In your pack you have been given a calendar to record your random acts of wildness. There is a chart with 30 wild activities to try. For some of them, we will provide more detailed guidance and ideas. We have 30 school days left to do this (6 weeks x 5 days) so should complete all the challenges by the end of the year!

Photos from home

Samiya on her bike.
Shailen’s bee
Shailen’s description

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