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Friday 5th March

Thursday 4th March | 2 comments

World Book Day Celebrations

Good morning all. Please feel free to join in with today’s activities in your PJs! Today is all about enjoying and celebrating books. Get out your favourite books and enjoy!

Why not start the day with a scavenger hunt!

or listen to an audio book story?


At 9:30, please join us for our 1st lesson. We will be reading ‘The Ugly Five’ story by Julia Donaldson. We will then make up our own riddles for African animals. Here is the story and the lesson slides:

At 11am be ready to share your riddles so we can work them out. We will then talk about how to look after books. I would like you to create a poster that we could put up in the library. Please bring completed posters into school next week.

At 1pm, please join the 2LA or 2LO meet space for a book recommendation session. Please be prepared to talk about your favourite book. Tell us what it’s about, who your favourite character is, which is your favourite part and who you would recommend it to.

Character Description Competition

Next week, we will announce the winner of the character description competition and give out some amazing book prizes. Please send in entries via email to class teachers or bring in character descriptions on Monday. We would like you to either draw and label or write a description of your favourite character. You could even invent your own story character and describe them! We are looking forward to seeing your work.

For further ideas:




Returning to School

We are so looking forward to everyone returning to school next week. On Monday we will spend some time settling the children back into school through circle time, stories and games. We will also be focusing on school expectations and routines with an emphasis on our new rules: Ready, Respectful, Kind.

Have a great weekend! See you Monday!

2 responses to “Friday 5th March”

  1. Sabry Guen says:

    We completely second that so thank you very much teachers. It feel like ages since the kids were at school! Lewis and Sofia are keen to be back amongst their friends.

    Mum and Dad need a break too so it’s a win win

  2. Marion Allen says:

    Thank you so much to all staff for your amazing support and hard work over the last couple of months. Theo is desperate to get back to school and can’t wait to see everyone in the flesh again!

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