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Friday 8th January

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We hope you have had a successful first few days home learning. As always if you are unsure of anything at all, please email class teachers. We have sent a number of emails over the past few days. Please read these carefully. Many thanks.

Here are some home learning activities for today:


Please continue with the revision sections in your white rose maths booklets as outlined in Wednesday’s blog.


Mrs Lace will be on Google Meet at 9:30am to introduce this lesson with all Year 2 pupils. Please read the emails carefully to find out more about

Firstly, we hope you enjoyed reading the Tiger who Came to Tea!

Today we would like you to plan your own version of the story which we will then write over the course of next week. Please follow the slides below:

Here is a story mountain plan for a new story:

Your task: Using the story mountain planning sheet in your pack, plan your own story.

  • First, think about the title. Your animal and meal must begin with the same letter like Tiger and Tea.
  • Next think about who is in your story. Where are they? What meal are they having? This is your opening.
  • Now think about the animal. Do they knock on the door or do something else? This is your build up.
  • Then you need to think about the problem. Most of you will choose the same problem; the animal has eaten all the food in the house and there is nothing left.
  • After that you need to think about how the problem is solved. Do they go to a cafe?
  • Finally, plan your ending. What do they do the next day?

We hope you enjoy planning your story and we will look forward to helping you write them next week.


Please log into Purple Mash. Mrs Wilson has set you a task to do.

Alternatively, find 5 objects all made from different materials. Either draw or photograph each object then label it to show what material it is made out of and the properties of that material.

Have a lovely, relaxing weekend all. You will be pleased to know there is no homework!

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