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Home Learning for the rest of the week

Tuesday 13th July | No comments yet

Good morning. Here are the resources to support some home learning for those children who are still isolating this week. There are two more pages of the bee book to complete this week, Making Honey and Why are Bees Important? If you haven’t already labelled the bee, here is a powerpoint to support:

Making Honey

Task: to write an explanation about how bees make honey.

Watch this video clip and look at the flow chart below to find out how bees make their delicious honey.


Here are the teaching slides and resources to print.

Why are bees important?

Over the next few days, we are going to be learning about why bees are so important. First we are going to do some reading and research. After that, we will write a report about what we have learnt.

Task: to write a report in your bee book about why bees are important, why they are in danger and how we can help the bees.


Listen to this story:

Honey Biscuits

Listen to the story and follow the recipe to make your own delicious biscuits.

Final 2 pages to complete next week- Index and Glossary

If children will be in school for the week beginning 19th July, please bring your Bee Book back to school and we will complete these sections in school.

Blank Page

There is a blank page in your bee book. What would you like to create a page about?

Here are some ideas:

  • Did you know facts
  • Other types of bees
  • Bee Pollination



We will be doing some revision lessons in school on multiplication and division to get ready for Year 3. Please can you complete any relevant sections in your CGP books or spend time working through Mathletics and TTRockstars. Please email teachers if you would like any further support or guidance.

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