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Home Learning: Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th July

Tuesday 6th July | 1 comment

Welcome back to home learning! Hopefully everyone has received their home learning packs and managed to access the online lessons for today (Tuesday) and yesterday. If you are having any problems, please get in touch and we will try to remedy them.

Timetable for Wednesday 7th July to Monday 12th July

Wednesday 7th July:

9:30 English

Today we will be writing the introduction for our bee book. We will be writing fact sentences using the present tense. Here are the lesson slides if your child is unable to make the google meet.

11am Maths

This is the final lesson on mass. The children will be using < > = to compare different weights. Here are the lesson slides:

1pm Geography

This is the final lesson in our geography unit. Today we are making a map of our school farm. We are going to be adding a key to the map so that a new teacher or visitor will be able to find their way around. Here are the lesson slides:

Thursday 8th July

9.30am English

Today we are writing the hive chapter in our bee book. Please find the lesson slides attached:

11am Maths

Today is our final lesson on scales. We are reading temperature scales and completing the end of unit assessment.

1pm Spelling

Today we are looking at spellings that use an o for the /u/ sound e.g. love, brother, mother etc.

Friday 9th July

9.30am English

In today’s English lesson, we are continuing to write our bee books. The next chapter we are going to write is The Life Cycle of a Bee. Below are the teaching slides:

11am Maths

Today we are learning about statistics in maths. We are learning how to read and interpret bar charts. Please find the teaching slides below:

1pm Class Social Google Meet:

Please join your class teacher for a social meet in either 2LO’s google classroom or 2LA’s google classroom. This is a time to share news, share any art work you may have done, recommend any books you have enjoyed reading recently, playing virtual games etc. We look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Ruth Fain says:

    Amazing work, putting all this together. Thanks so much!

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