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Hoping you have all had a wonderful holiday.

Sunday 1st September | 2 comments

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and are now looking forward to coming back to school.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all and know that we will have lots of exciting news to share together. I really want to know what you have been up to. Where have you been? Who have you seen? Some people have been away, others have had fun days at home… what ever you have done, I hope you have kept happy and healthy.

I went to Costa Rica with my husband on a wildlife exploration holiday! He took some lovely photographs; photography is his hobby and his goal was to get a good picture of a humming bird! We also went to visit a Costa Rican Primary School. Many of their Primary Schools are small and some of the children in this school walked for an hour and a half to get to school and school started at 7.30am! It finished at lunchtime as it was very hot and often very wet in the afternoons.

The sound in the Animoto is the sound we heard at night when we were staying in the Costa Rican Rainforest! The howling sound is the noise that some of the monkeys make!

IMG_3100This is the Primary School we went to visit. There were only 34 children in the school and they were taught in 2 classes. 1 of the teachers was off, so her class had stayed at home, so there were 14 children there when we visited. The children have put on traditional costumes and performed some dances for us. They do have school uniforms too.

When they had finished performing their dances they invited us to join in a dance with them! It was a lot of fun!

2 responses to “Hoping you have all had a wonderful holiday.”

  1. Polly says:

    It looks like you had fun anyway have a lovley day from polly see you soon

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you Polly. It has been lovely to see you at lunchtimes and see that you are all enjoying Year 3. Well done.

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