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How Santa Really Works. By Chloe T.

Sunday 15th December | 2 comments

Have you ever wondered :
1. Where does he live?
2. How does he know what you want ?
3. How does he get all the toys made and delivered?
4. How does he know if you’ve been good?
There over a thousand questions you could ask about Santa. This is a piece of work that will explain lot’s of things you need know about Santa Claus. We’ll start with…………

Where Does Santa Live?
He lives under the north pole. He has a small, comfortable home beneath the snow and ice . Each morning after his alarm clock go’s off like drums he wakes up he gets out of bed, has a bath, gets dressed , makes breakfast and then goes down stairs to work.

Where Does Santa Work

Living in quarters is everything he needs to male Christmas happen. There are factories, warehouses, transport facilities , a communication center and many other vital necessary departments. This work covers all these departments, explaining what they do and how they work in detail.

Who Helps Santa?

Santa has many helpers most of these are elves But when they grow up , a lot of them get jobs with Santa and move to the North Pole. Each year more elves are recruited. The new elves go to undergo extensive training before they start work. This is done at the CCE,* school where they learn all about Christmas. First the elves take a general class called Christmas 101. Then they choose one of the many different courses available at the collage. These courses teach them how to do a specific job in one of the departments. Classes include:

Chimney training

Reindeer handling and maintenance

present wrapping

Christmas cultural studies. When the elves have finished their education, graduate. Then they all attend a job fair, where they try to get the jobs they want.

How Does Santa Know What You Want?

In the months leading up to Christmas , children write to Santa to tell him what you want. If he doesn’t know what you want he has to guess. Here’s an example;

Dear Santa,

I would like a chocolate cake, some muffins, a jar of blueberry jelly, eight bars of chocolate , I wonder if you could get me a real working submarine? I know this is the fifth time I have asked for the same thing but, I really really like socks

2 responses to “How Santa Really Works. By Chloe T.”

  1. wilkina11 says:

    Hello Chloe,
    We’ve been writing explanation texts too. Elf school sounds like fun and hard work all at the same time. We like how you have used paragraphs to help structure your explanation. We also have some interesting explanations about inventions on our blog: http://www.ff6w.primaryblogger.co.uk/
    Keep on blogging- we love your writing style!

  2. janefisher says:

    Thank you so much Chloe for posting this fascinating information on to our Year 2 blog. It is brilliant to see that you remembered you username and password for the blog from when you were in 2F.
    I hope everyone in Year 3 is having a lot of fun and is enjoying getting ready for Christmas. I enjoy the new Year 3 blog too http://ffyr3.primaryblogger.co.uk
    Best wishes and thanks from Mrs Fisher 🙂

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