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I can tell you how I look after myself.

Sunday 18th May | 16 comments

I can tell you how I look after myself_4This weeks Ethos Statement is ‘I can tell you how I look after myself.’

In assembly we will be talking about making healthy choices, like eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking water. We will also talk about the importance of keeping safe in the sun. This lovely weather is great to play out in, but it is important that the children wear sun hats, spend some time in the shade and drink water. Please also apply sunscreen before the children come to school.

16 responses to “I can tell you how I look after myself.”

  1. Tea and bella says:

    To keep us saaf we need to pot sun hat and sun skem on. At Allenton school
    We have to Saenz be the sired.

  2. Matthew oliver says:

    In term one and four we where sun hats and sunshen. Then we put the sun hats away for a Nathan term.

  3. shay and dontay says:

    to keep us safe we put on our sun hats. than we put on sunscreen. and it is hot over here

  4. We keep ourselfs safe from the sun by putting on our hats and sunscreen.

  5. Lachie charlie says:

    At allenton school huw we keep our sufs safe in hot days by yoze losse off sunblock and sunhes

  6. Drew mitchell says:

    At allenton school we wear our hats in term one and four. It is almost winter here so we don,t need our hats right now.

  7. We keep our selfs at Allenton School to preteck us safe from the sun Bye

  8. Libby and holly. says:

    At allenton school we have to were sunhats and somtimes we bring sunscreen to school. If Your eyes are saw from the sun get sung lysis. From Libby and holly.

  9. Annabel and lily says:

    In the sunmmer and sring we wer our hats and put sunscreen on.

  10. Anni Aiden says:

    To keep are selfs safe at school we wear sunhats to preteck ourselfs from the sun. We go to Allenton school Bye

  11. Madison says:

    When its sunny and hot I put sun cream on and a sun hat on my head to pretect myself on sunny days like may the 17th.

  12. Elanor says:

    I will look after myself and my family mrs fisher I promise.

  13. caiden says:

    i am looking after myself

  14. Katie&sally says:

    We are looking after our selfs

  15. Bethany Wetherall says:

    well done your really trying to keep safe in the sun

  16. Ruqayyah says:

    Yes, you should look after yourself in the sun.

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