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Instructions for making Honey Biscuits.

Saturday 21st September | 3 comments

IMG_3151We read the fabulous book ‘Honey Biscuits,’ by Meredith Hooper and followed the recipe in the book. Everyone helped to make the biscuits and in the end we made so many that we were able to enjoy them and school and take a couple home for our families to try too! We hope you all enjoyed them!

We all sequenced some of the pictures of us making the biscuits and then we wrote the instructions. We were all really proud of our writing and everyone used time words, like first, next, then and after that. We also made sure that we used ‘bossy’ verbs to tell the reader what to do. Here is some of our fantastic writing. You can click on any of the pages and then double click to open it up.
Making Honey Biscuits on PhotoPeach


3 responses to “Instructions for making Honey Biscuits.”

  1. Kate Park says:

    Hello 2F, thank you for all working together to make the delicious honey biscuits. We look forward to making them at home, following your video.
    thanks the park family

  2. prisha's mom says:

    all the little master chefs are wonderful..love to see them making biscuits..nice writing too..really appreciate the way you put the kids work in form of videos…thanks

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. It’s my pleasure to put the children’s work on the blog for them. I am proud of what they do and like to share their achievements with their families. Prisha will be very proud to see your comment on the blog too. Mrs Fisher 🙂

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