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Keeping busy in Year 2!

Friday 2nd October | 5 comments


In English this week we have listened to the traditional tale, The Little Red Hen. Children then retold the story orally and then write the story in their own words. Next week, we will continue with this theme, looking at alternative versions of the story and writing our own version. we can’t wait to see what great ideas the children come up with!


In maths this week we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and demonstrating our understanding by completing sequences and patterns. We started to learn how to count in 3s. Can you practise this at home?


The children really impressed us with their creativity this week, designing and making some realistic food plate art. The children made their foods using tin foil, cardboard and tissue paper.

These look good enough to eat!

Florence Nightingale Workshop

Yesterday we had a lovely time learning all about Florence Nightingale. The children took part in a workshop where they learned all about Florence’s life and work. They enjoyed a number of activities including sorting objects into those that would be found in the dirty hospital before Florence arrived, and those that would be found in a clean hospital. They also used a timeline to find out about things that Florence would have known about and things that she wouldn’t; this really helped them to understand chronology. They loved dressing up as porters and nurses and were very enthusiastic about cleaning Scutari hospital and looking after the wounded soldiers!

Here are some pictures:

5 responses to “Keeping busy in Year 2!”

  1. Sarah cattle says:

    Ethan loved learning about Florence nightingale.He came home and told us all about it in great detail.He loves learning about the olden days.thankyou for making it such fun.

  2. Sheila says:

    Vanshika enjoyed Learning about Florence Nightingale. She had a great week..

  3. Amy Dennis says:

    Phoebe had a great week, she especially enjoyed bandaging George’s arm! How lovely to see the children learning about Florence Nightingale.

  4. Ruth Fain says:

    Isobel enjoyed the workshop very much and has come home full of beans about Florence. Thank you for sorting out such an engaging workshop during already complex times. You are a great team.

  5. Sarah Haley says:

    Wow what a fun week you’ve all had. The Florence Nightingale workshop looks brilliant.

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