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Let’s go make a kite!

Saturday 12th July | 1 comment

We began our kite making by making a small practise kite. We all drew a 10cm square and then added the cross supports (spars) using straws. The children estimated the length of the spars, everyone thought they would be less than 10cm, so we were very interested to discover that they were just over 14cm.

We then thought about what material would be best for our kites. The material needed to be light but also strong. We discussed that using them on the beach, they might get wet, so being waterproof or quick drying might be good and finally we thought about the look of the material. In pairs the children made a larger version of their mini kite, each pair using a different material. For the second kite we doubled the length of each edge to 20cm. We thought this would double the size of the kite, but it actually made it four times bigger. We discovered that the perimeter went from 40cm to 80cm, but the area went from 100 centimetres squares to 400 cm2. We estimated that the spars would be 24cm this time, but actually they were just over 28cm long.

We tested all the kites and discussed which materials worked best and then the children worked in small groups to create their own kites, ready to take to Bridlington next week!

The recorder group have also been learning a piece of music called ‘Kites,’ so they played it to the class.

One response to “Let’s go make a kite!”

  1. Priya Gill says:

    Some great kite making and the group played the recorders very well

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