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Loom Maths!

Saturday 7th June | 4 comments

I have noticed that many of you are really keen on making loom bracelets at the moment! So next week we are going to use them to help us in our Maths.

Here is a quick problem to get you thinking. I have created the sum on the looms and then moved one band. Now the sum is wrong! Can you work out the band I moved and the correct sum?

loom maths_4

We will be creating more Maths problems like this and also designing bracelets for our World Cup teams!

4 responses to “Loom Maths!”

  1. ks34235 says:

    Looks fun plus how do you do that? Then can you work out 400 plus 750!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Olivia says:

    To mis fish to nit I am gowing to asda and I will hop foley be getting the loon band set did you know that.

  3. Karen Chaudhari says:

    Eva will be very happy…she has only just started making loom bracelets but LOVES them!

  4. Emma Pickering says:

    What a great idea!! Colm & Ruari love loom bracelets!! They certainly seem to be very popular in the playground at the moment! Enjoy using them to help with Maths problems. 🙂

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