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Saturday 21st September | 2 comments

Everyone in Year 2 is really enjoying playing Mathletics. The Year 3 after school Mathletics Club starts soon and shortly after that we will open up spaces for the children in Year 2. I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing club.

Well done to Ben who was the Mathlete of the week with a fantastic score of 6,000.

I am also really proud to see that 2F has reached 27th place in the Hall of Fame. 🙂Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 09.14.58

2 responses to “Mathletics!”

  1. Lucy Ward says:

    It was LOVELY to see Thomas’ advert for his honey biscuits! Thank you for sharing this with parents… I love that I can see what he’s up to in class!

  2. Lisa @ cafe village says:

    Hello children, my name is Lisa and I will be opening the new cafe in your school next week. I hear from your teacher that you have all been baking some honey biscuits. I hope you will be able to tell me all about them, and maybe bake some to sell in the cafe!

    I hope you all enjoyed the baking in school. I was also lucky enough to be able to bake in school, and this is where my love of cooking started. Hopefully you will all be able to come to the cafe and try different types of food. I would love to hear how you made the biscuits and how good they tasted. Well done everyone.

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