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Maths for Breakfast!

Saturday 11th January | 3 comments

Did you know that Kelloggs Variety pack was launched in 1963!
variety pack 1963

In our Maths lessons we did all voted on our favourite cereal from the Variety Pack and we are making tally charts and bar charts using the voting slips. We are also using the cereal to help us learn all about measures.

Did you know that the biggest Cornflake box weighs 1kg? We have estimating how much we think a bowl of cereal weighs and then pouring it into the weighing scales and weighing them in grams. Other children have been estimating how many millilitres of milk they pour on their cereal and then pouring it into a measuring jug to find out. Then they pour the milk on, eat the cereal and estimate how much milk is left in the bowl! This they then pour into the measure jug and measure too. Other groups have used the cereal boxes to become experts at using rulers and measuring in centimetres. When we have finished our ‘Maths for Breakfast’ project we will be having a class breakfast, we will weigh all the cereal and see how much the class can eat together! Can you estimate how much that will be?

In ICT the children used the ipads to photograph the work they had done in Maths and have made some great posters about measuring and data handling.


3 responses to “Maths for Breakfast!”

  1. Olivia says:

    I think these posts ar veree god and May mum wod bee veyree prod of May class clod 2f and it’s the best clas in the world .

  2. Priyanka says:

    What a great way to learn measuring! Well done 2f…keep going!

  3. Karen says:

    This looks like great fun 2F…I’m sure you enjoyed all of the measuring & weighing and wasn’t too surprised to see Coco-pops came out as the favourite cereal! I look at and analyse lots of data as part of my job and think your tally charts and bar graphs are EXCELLENT. Keep up the good work!

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