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Minibeasts in Year 2!

Friday 28th June | No comments yet

This week, we have been busy reading and writing poems about minibeasts. The children have looked closely at pictures and videos of minibeasts to think of clever ways to describe their features and the way they move. The children are now really good at using right choice words in their writing.

In maths we have been solving multiplication problems. We read the counting by feet book ‘One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab’ and used the characters in the book to solve problems. The children had to work systematically to find all the ways to make each number using the characters.

e.g. 5 can be made by using:

5 snails

1 dog and a snail

2 people and a snail

1 person and 3 snails

They then answered questions such as: How many feet on 3 dogs and 5 people?

Next week we will be having a multiplication and division revision week to consolidate all our learning in Year 2 and make sure children know their times tables really well in preparation for Year 3!

In D.T, the children have designed and made shelters for their bog babies. Children first practised making a frame using art straws. They then used their favoured frame design to make their final shelter. The children really enjoyed getting creative and improving their designs.

In Geography lessons, we have been looking at ordinance survey maps of Farsley. The children used them to spot places they recognised. Some of them were able to find their street or even their exact house! We then played a ‘Where’s Wally’ guessing game using our knowledge of directions.

In art lessons this week, we have been making pencil drawings of different insects. The children had to look closely and try to include pattern.

On Wednesday, 10 Year 2 children went to the Pudsey Mini-Olympics. They competed to earn points for a range of different athletic events. Well done to all the children who participated!

A huge well done to our Year 2 children who represented Year 2 at the Pudsey Spelling Bee. They earned a well deserved silver medal!

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