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Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th January

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We hope you have enjoyed a relaxing weekend. If you haven’t yet checked your emails, please check for important guidance about our Year 2 Home Learning.

Starting today, we will be teaching lessons at 9:30am, 11am, and 1pm. If you can, please join us in the Year 2 20-21 Meet Space. You access this by logging into google with the user and password given. Then using the 9 dots, select google classroom, then the Year 2 meet Space. We look forward to seeing you!

Timetable for the week

Reading 9-9:30

This is time to pick up a book you enjoy, read to an adult or read a book online. You could log into bugclub to read one of your allocated books or check out oxford owl’s e-books. If you have any reading comprehensions from your pack or previous packs from school, you could do one of these.



Please join us for a Google Meet at 9:30am if you can. You will need some scrap paper and a pen and your yellow exercise book ready. You will also need your story plan from Friday.

Today we will be writing the beginning of the story. The teaching slides with full instructions are attached below if you cannot join the google meet.

Task: We would like the children to write the beginning of their story, using their ideas from Friday. They should introduce the characters and say what meal they are having. There could be extra detail to say what the food is ( an opportunity to use commas in lists). They could then go on to use the same structure as the tiger story to say who it couldn’t be and why. We wouldn’t expect that children in Year 2 use speech punctuation although we are more than happy for them to have a go!


Please join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Today we will be writing the build up part of our own story. Again, here are the teaching slides if you are unable to join us.

Task: To write the build up part of the story. Introduce your animal. Don’t forget adjectives!



Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can.

There are some teaching slides below if you are unable to join.

Please complete the doubling activity sheet in your pack. Choose a 1 digit number to double. e.g. Double 7. Then show your understanding of double 7 in the 4 different ways.

Watch the video and complete pages 26-29 of your booklet.

Tuesday- 2 x table

Please join us on Google Meet at 11am if you can. There are some teaching slides below if you are unable to join.

Now watch the White Rose Maths video and work through pages 29-32 of your booklet. There are also some extra 2 x table activities in your pack.

Spellings for this week

Monday: Please join us on Google Meet at 1pm for a quick spelling test and to introduce the new spellings for this week. Have a pencil and paper ready! If you are unable to join us, you could use the slides below to do the activities at home. No peeking at the answers first though!

The spelling pattern and rule the children are learning this week is le at the end of words.

Example words:

middle table little wiggle
apple bottle puzzle juggle

Can you find any more words with the le suffix?

We are also learning the following common exception words this week:

clothes father only money both


Tuesday: Please join us on Google Meet at 1pm for this lesson if you can. If you are unable to join us, the lesson slides are attached below.

The activity suggested involves making a spinner. If you have a printer and you would like to do this activity, you can print the file attached.

Alternatively use 2 dice to generate the object and material using the list below. For example. Roll a 4 and a 2, draw a paper raincoat!

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  1. Mel says:

    Thanks to all the staff for such a prompt response to the lockdown and providing structure and organisation to online / home teaching so very quickly.

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