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Monday 15th June

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Good morning everyone. We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

This week we will be reading the story ‘Superworm’, revising 2D and 3D shape, finding out about micro-habitats and minibeasts and doing some observational drawings of minibeasts too.

See below for Monday and Tuesday’s lessons:

  • Lesson 1 Maths
  • Lesson 2 Maths
  • Superworm book review
  • Science, Spelling and Reading for the week.


This week will be a revision of 2D and 3D shapes. Can your child go on a shape hunt around the house?

When discussing the properties of 2D shapes, we look at sides and vertices (corners). In school we also introduced the term right angle and looked at lines of symmetry.

Lesson 1: Count sides and vertices on 2D shapes. Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

Lesson 2: Count faces, edges and vertices on 3D shapes. Watch the video and complete the worksheet.

When discussing the properties of 3D shapes, we talk about faces (flat or curved), edges (straight or curved) and vertices (corners).


How many new words can you make by adding suffixes?

This week we will be listening to and discussion the story, Superworm.

Task 1: Discuss a story

Task 2: To write a book review

Here is an example:

Now have a go at writing your book review.


This week we are going to find out more about micro-habitats and the minibeasts you can find. Fingers crossed for some nice weather to get out on a minibeast hunt!

Start by looking through the lesson powerpoint.

You may wish to use the sheets attached below but could easily complete the activities straight into your books.

We would like you to choose two micro-habitats to explore. What are these habitats like? Which minibeasts did you find there.

If you like, you could create your own bug hotel! Click on the weblink for ideas.


Create a FREE account and log in to Classroom Secret Kids.

Find the woodlands habitats reading comprehension by selecting Year 2/Reading.

There are lots of other brilliant games and activities to support maths, reading, spelling and other subjects too. We hope you enjoy this resource.

Book Bands

Are children still reading their school reading books? Remember you can find book banded books online using bug club and oxford owl. Why not try the next level up? Contact class teachers if you need further clarification.


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