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Monday 1st March and Tuesday 2nd March

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Welcome to the final week of home learning. We would like to thank you all again for the support you have given over the last few months.

There is lots to look forward to this week. We are continuing the work on shape in maths and will be starting a new book in English called The Lemur’s Tale. On Friday, we will celebrate this year’s World Book Day. You should have already received a separate letter about this. We look forward to seeing you in your PJs to celebrate books and reading on our final day of home learning!

Timetable for this week:


9:30 English- The Lemur’s tale

Today, we will read the start of the story where we are introduced to a baby lemur. This lesson focusses on how the character is feeling and writing from a character’s point of view.

Here are the lesson slides:

11am Maths- Sort 2D shapes

There is a sheet in the pack that you are welcome to use for your own sorting activities. Cut out the shapes and make your own groups. You could make a venn diagram. How will you sort them? Think about what we have learned about sides, vertices and lines of symmetry.

Here are the lesson slides and White Rose Maths Video. Please complete the accompanying pages in your booklets after the lesson.

1pm- Spelling

We will begin the lesson with a review of last week’s spellings- when ‘a’ follows w or qu, it makes a short ‘o’ sound. We will then introduce the new spellings. Here are the lesson slides:

The spelling pattern and rule the children are learning this week is when s has a sh sound.


9:30- English: The Lemur’s Tale

In lesson 2, we will finish reading the story and find out what happens to the baby lemur. We will then write from the lemur’s point of view at the end of the story.

Here are the lesson slides:

11am Maths- Make patterns with 2D shapes

Here are the lessons slides and video links. Please complete the accompanying pages in your booklet.

1pm Science

Here are the slides with all the details of today’s science lesson. You will also need the week 2 science activity in your pack.

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