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Monday 22nd February and Tuesday 23rd February

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Welcome back! We hope you have had a relaxing break.

Packs for the next two week’s home learning including today’s lesson can be collected this morning.

This half term…..

Here is an overview of learning for this half term. Hopefully most of it will take place in school!

Our main topic this half term is ‘Africa’. In geography lessons, children will be learning about the continent of Africa with a particular focus on Kenya. We will compare the human and physical features of Kenya with the UK.

We hope to produce some amazing art work this half term, inspired by Tinga Tinga art and African silhouette sunsets.

In our English lessons, we will be reading and writing traditional Tinga Tinga Tales as well as looking at animal poetry and non-fiction texts about African animals.

In maths this half term we will start by learning about shapes. We will look at both 2D and 3D shapes, learning all about their properties as well as being able to name, sort and compare them. We will then move onto fractions. The children will learn how to find fractions of shapes, lengths and amounts, as well as writing fractions and finding equivalence. Later in the half term we will be learning about measurement including time. Children in Year 2 need to be able to read the time to the nearest 15 minutes on a traditional analogue clock. If you can, please encourage your child to read the time at home.

Timetable for this week


9:30 English

This week we will be listening to Tinga Tinga stories. Please watch the following story before the lesson:

11am Maths

Today’s lesson focuses on counting the sides on 2D shapes. Here are the lesson slides:

Please watch the video, then complete the activity in your White Rose Maths books.

Spellings for this Week

1pm Spelling Lesson We will have a spelling test based on last week’s double consonant words followed by an introduction of the new spellings.

Here are the lesson slides:


9:30 English

Today we will be comparing the elephant from the beginning to the end of the story. You may want to watch the story again! Here are the lesson slides:

11am Maths – Count vertices on 2D Shapes

Here are the lesson slides:

Please watch the video before completing the activity in your WRM booklets.

Science 1pm

Today we begin a new topic on animals.

Here are the lesson slides:

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