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Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th January

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Week 4

Good morning all. We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Please see below for this week’s timetable and lessons for Monday and Tuesday.

This Week’s Home Learning

Maths Drop in Sessions

We will also be adding two extra google meets from this week. At 2pm-2:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there will be a maths drop in available for anyone who has any questions or would like some extra help. This will be led by Mr Durkin in Mr Durkin’s Room which you have all been invited to. This will not be a structured lesson. Children or parents will need to say which particular question or strategy they would like some help with.

Reading 9-9:30

We hope you are finding some time every day to focus on reading. There is a reading comprehension in your pack that could be completed this week.

As we are focusing on non-fiction books in English, it would be good to read some non-fiction books at home too. Can children identify all the features that we have been talking about in lessons. Can they use the glossary? TASK: Can you make your own glossary for a topic that interests you?


Join us on Google Meet at 9:30am if you can.

Monday: We will be writing the introduction for a non-chronological report all about the 1960s. There is a page header for the week in your pack. Here are the teaching slides.

Tuesday: We will start by writing a paragraph all about 1960s toys. Here are the teaching slides.


We are continuing with our work on division this week. Google meets will be at 11am as usual. Please join us if you can.

Monday: Odd and Even

Please join in with the lesson or look at the teaching slides below.

Then watch the video before completing the activities in your booklet. Please note: The activity is the pack for odd and even is a duplicate of questions 7 and 8 in the booklet. No need to do twice!

Tuesday: Divide by 5

Today we will be thinking about dividing by 5 using both grouping and sharing in the context of maths stories. Please find the teaching slides attached.

There are additional resources in your pack to support this lesson also:

This week’s spellings

Google Meet 1pm Monday We will have a short spelling test for the spellings learned last week followed by an introduction to this week’s new spellings. Here are the teaching slides:

Spellings for week 4 are words ending ey


Google meet 1pm Tuesday

Please see the teaching slides and activity attached:

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