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Monday 29th June

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Good morning. We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Today we welcome many children back to school but we would like to reassure families at home that we will continue with home learning and support for you where needed. Please keep sending in your photos!

This next three weeks will concentrate on a mini topic all about bees. Children have been given a booklet in their packs that we will fill in over the next few weeks. There will be lots of information on the blogs to work from.

Maths this week will be mass and capacity. Have you got your measuring equipment ready?


Lesson 1: Compare Mass

In school we use balance scales to compare mass. Try this activity to understand the concept of equality:

Watch the video and complete the activity. (Apologies as the WRM worksheet was missed from your packs- don’t worry if you are unable to do this.)

Lesson 2: Measure mass in grams

Watch the video and complete the activities below:

Watch the video and complete activities. There are a number of supporting activities in your pack to choose from.

English- Bee Book

Task 1: Design a front cover.

Look at the books below. What features are on the front cover?

Our book is going to be about honey bees. What will you put on the front cover?

Task 2: Write an introduction page

Read the information on the powerpoint and watch the video:

We need to have an introduction at the start of a non- fiction book in order to introduce and tell people what the book is about. Look at this example. Make sure that your introduction is general not specific!!!



Photos from school

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