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More fantastic Maths with our magnificent Lego Bricks!

Sunday 3rd February | 6 comments

This week we have continued to work with our special Lego bricks and as part of our work on explanations we also made videos to explain how we have been using the Lego bricks in our lessons.

Mrs Fisher has been away for a couple of days in London, at an educational show, and was very proud to take our bricks and show them to the staff on the Lego stand. Some of the staff had come from Denmark where they make Lego, and  they were so impressed with the bricks that they asked if they could take them back to Denmark to show the boss at Lego! Here they are on their stand with the bricks!



Mrs Fisher also spoke at a meeting in the evening about the wonderful work the children have been doing with Lego, and an artist captured the talk in the picture above!

Here are the links to all the videos we did in our teams about Lego.

Lego by the Superstars.

Lego by the Marvellous Mates.

Lego by the Clever Kids and friends.

Lego by the Fantastic Friends.

The video below combines some sections from each of the team videos, and is Mrs Fisher’s first attempt at some video editing! She will need to keep practising, to help her get better!

6 responses to “More fantastic Maths with our magnificent Lego Bricks!”

  1. Polly says:


  2. Dhaya Basi says:

    I enjoy lego maths

  3. Polly says:

    Thanks you.

  4. Polly says:

    Mrs Fisher you were brave

  5. Polly says:

    This video is amazing I spoilt it a bit I’m sorry.

    • janefisher says:

      Hi Polly, you didn’t spoil it at all – you were helping the children and you did that brilliantly. There was no way for you to move along the group without creeping along the line. Thank you for being so supportive and kind to all your team, friends and class. From Mrs Fisher 🙂

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