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More Maths in the sunshine!

Saturday 15th June | No comments yet

We were able to enjoy the sunshine at the beginning of the week with another circuit of fun Maths activities. We used the grid on the playground to practise coordinates. We build 2D shapes and played a 2D shape domino game. We used stop-watches to see how fast we could run up and down the playground and we counted the number of steps it took using pedometers! But our favourite activity was blowing bubbles! We had a set of 3D shapes which we could dip in the bubbles and we tried to blow spheres! I made the bubble blowing sticks for the children and we discovered that the longer the loops of sting we used, the bigger the bubbles were. We made the bubble mixture with a yoghurt cup of liquid in half a bucket of water, with a teaspoon of glycerin which is supposed to make the bubbles stronger! Why don’t you give it a go at home!

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