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More Tinga Tinga, a trip to Africa and World Book Day!

Friday 6th March | 5 comments

World Book Day 2020!

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day becoming immersed in books! The children worked with all the KS1 teachers throughout the day:

We read ‘The Story Path’ with Mrs Loveridge then created their own story using props and objects.

We read ‘ An Incredible Journey’ with Mrs Lace. In this story, the characters use their imaginations to turn ordinary, boring things into something incredible. We then used our own imaginations to describe an everyday object.

In Mrs Galbraith’s class, we read ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’. This story is about a plastic bag who keeps being eaten by different animals on his journey across the sea. At the end of the story, a boy finds him and makes him into a kite! We then created our own characters using plastic packaging.

With Miss Pinnock we read a non-fiction book about plastic. We then created posters to encourage people to recycle.

We also met with our Reading Buddies to share our favourite books.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a ‘shelfie’, book review or completed the reading star challenge. It has been lovely looking at your ‘shelfie’ photos and they have really livened up our hall!


Earlier in the week, we went on a journey to Africa (in the classroom!) We got our passports ready and looked at our world maps to track our journey from the UK to Kenya in East Africa. We then found out lots of facts about Africa. Did you know that The Nile river in Africa, is the longest river in the world?


In art this week, we have been busy learning about Tingatinga Art.   We created our own Tingatinga art through painting and printing.

Tingatinga art was founded by an African artist called Eduardo S. Tingatinga. He was born in Mozambique, but during the 1960s he established an art form that became associated with his new homeland, Tanzania. Today, “Tingatinga” is the Tanzanian term for this form of art, known mostly in Tanzania, Kenya, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark.


5 responses to “More Tinga Tinga, a trip to Africa and World Book Day!”

  1. Annie Preston’s mum says:

    What a fun-filled day! You did so much!

  2. Shelly says:

    Wow! What a fantastic journey the kids have been on this week. Aayush really enjoyed it all. He likes to read all the tinga tinga books on u tube.
    Thank you all for sharing their experiences with us.

  3. Rume says:

    What a great week!

  4. David (Odin's Daddy) says:

    Odin really enjoyed the day. When I got home he was full of “And then we…!”‘s
    He was really enthused by the day 🙂

  5. Rebecca Aberdein says:

    What an amazing selection of photos.
    Thank you for sharing them.

    You all put so much effort into making school so much fun and so varied and interesting for the children, thank you.

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