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Moving up from Year 2 to Year 3.

Monday 8th July | 1 comment

Tomorrow evening you are invited to attend a ‘Transition Meeting.’ It will be an opportunity to see your new classrooms over at KS2 and meet your new teachers. It’s going to be such an exciting time for you all, so I hope you can come and join us. If not, if you come to the Friday Mathletics club, we will be able to do another tour after the club. (For a slower version of the Animoto, with a different song, click HERE!)

This star was made on Tagexdo with words chosen by the children in Year 3.

words from year 3Here is the Powerpoint from the Transition Evening converted on Youpublisher.
Moving up, from Year 2 to Year 3.

One response to “Moving up from Year 2 to Year 3.”

  1. Honey M-K says:

    I likening the blog and I am stil going to but comans on the blog when I am in
    Year three. I am so prou of the blog that I don’t want to leev year twobecause it is fun and so good.

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