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Mrs Fisher’s Phonics Group & Spelling City.

Wednesday 25th September | 2 comments

The children in my phonics group can say the sounds for all the phonemes covered in Phase 5 and can read them. Now we are learning to use this knowledge to help us become brilliant spellers. Like all learning, becoming a superb speller requires practise. I have set the children up Spelling City usernames and passwords and will be creating word lists for them each week which will support the phonemes (sounds) that we are recapping. I have set these accounts up so they work with the children’s Mathletics passwords and usernames. (With the dash- but no capital letters) Children need to click on ‘log in’  at the top right hand corner and then they can play a variety of games using the spelling lists I am uploading.

UnknownClick on the picture and Spelling City will open in a new tab.There is also a link to Spelling City in the Literacy Links at the right hand side of the blog page.

Spelling City can be used by everyone. You can type in lists of words you want to learn and even on the free version you can play some fun games to help you learn your spellings. Spelling City is also available as a free App on iPads.


2 responses to “Mrs Fisher’s Phonics Group & Spelling City.”

  1. Emma Pickering says:

    Is spelling city for all of 2F or just your phonics group? Sorry was a little confused. Also why do the other phonic groups not use spelling city in their sessions?

    Thanks Emma

    • janefisher says:

      The other phonics groups are focusing on learning letter sounds, my group are focusing on applying their phonic knowledge to help them learn spellings. I will be putting spelling lists on to Spelling City for them to learn. However everyone can access the free parts of Spelling City and play some fun games to support learning spelling. You can type in a list of words and then choose from a range of free games. My favourite free game is ‘Hang-mouse.’ (A variation of Hang-man.)
      I hope this helps clear the confusion. Mrs Fisher

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