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My Dragon. By Amalia

Tuesday 16th July | No comments yet

I slowly pulled the box under my bed. I smelled wee that was inside the box and I heard the dragon snoring loudly. Green smoke  was coming out of it’s mouth and it smelt like perfume.Very carefully I peeped in , my dragon looked like a python and I thought that my dragon was the Horrid Rotten Henry Boom because I read it in a book called How To Train A Dragon. It has a seewead green face, it has bloody red wings and he has a bright yellow, flexible tail.  I could not belive that it was as fast as a cheetah and it could fly five hundred and forty five miles per hour. He has poison on his wings, he has bright blue hands and his claws are dark black. When it is fully grown it will be as big as Mount Everest!

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