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My dragon. By Chloe.

Tuesday 16th July | 1 comment

I pulled the extraordinary box carefully from under my bed and peeped to see what was inside the box! I didn’t lift the lid too much.  There  were light blue sparkles drifting  out of the box. I could smell a wee wee inside the box. I gently opend the box, inside there was a blue, green, purple and yellow dragon with two tails and on the end of  one of  its tails there was a yellow, spiky ball. The dragon was as long as a flying fox.  I knew it was  extremly fast in water, because I had read about it in my dragon book.  My dragon is not very big but I knew that it would grow way bigger than a table in just two weeks. I named my  dragon Thunder Spike.  It turned all red so I knew it was hungry so I looked inside the cupboard and found some salmon for Thunder Spike. He ate every little bit of it. Then he turned back to normal. Next I went  down to the woods with him  to teach him how to catch birds and fish and even a few squirrels too! Later I took him for a walk down the woods to burn of some of his energy off. The next day I took Thunder Spike to the jungle to teach him how to fly by making him jump off a huge  rock at the top of a clif. Thunder Spike managed to fly on his own but he needed to work on his landing.  It was time to go home and go to bed. When they got  home they sat by the fire for 20 mins just to warm up. Next we climbed into bed and got snuggled up tight and went to sleep. In the morning we got dressed and had breakfast .  We set off to the water fall to teach Thunder Spike how to swim. He swam all the way along the water fall in only 1 min. He swam so fast I could’nt even see him. Next I took Thunder Spike back home and gave him a bath. Thunder Spike loved playing about in the bath. Then I dryed him with a soft, white towel.  Before dinner time I went with him in the garden so that he could roll about in the green grass for about half an hour. It was tea time now so I took him to the enourmas table for him to eat his tuna and chips. He ate almost all of it and ate all of his desert. He stayed up extra late because I needed a bath too and he also woke up in the midle of the night saying that he had a cough so I took him down stairs and sat whith him by the fire. Eventually, at 10:30 pm,  it was so late that I had to take him to bed. The next morning I took him for a walk down to the cannal for a bit. Thunder Spike wanted to go home so I took him home and taught him how to paint a person but instead he painted a picture of a fish!  Then he said I want a bath NOW so I brought him up stairs to give him a nice, hot bath and then I went to bed with him.

One response to “My dragon. By Chloe.”

  1. lamberl01 says:

    Hello there Chloe, I wonder how big Thunder Spike would be now? I think you would need a really big towel to dry him now after you have washed him in the bath.

    Is Thunder Spike going to have any more adventures?

    Mrs Lambert

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