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My Dragon. By Polly

Tuesday 16th July | No comments yet

I pulled a box out from under my bed and a crappa cap cap came out of the box (poo) ! I opened the box and a very magical  dragon opened it’s eyes. Its body was one metre long and it was  dark pink , purple , orange , green and light pink. I called it Music Spearer.I weighed him on the bathroom scales and he  weighed 9 pounds. There are 900 of them in France and England I knew where they lived because I had read about them! It’s armed whith hot music fire and when they breath fire it plays music. Their poison is music apples. It can catch Zebras and Deers. Can you belive  their speed is faster than a cheetah? It doesn’t  like baby elephants. I gave him some crumbs of a biscuit. Did you know it’s favourite food is biscuit crumbs? It likes red dots too! I took him to a cave were he played happy and he was very jolly then he had a wonderful sleep, snoring gently in the sunshine while I read my Dragon book to find out how to train him!

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