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My paper dolls. By Honey M K

Saturday 9th March | 2 comments

There once was a girl who made some paper dolls. They were called Honey L, Skye, Polly, Izzy, Bethany, Grace, Gracie, and Chloe with the bow.  They played and played and they played and they met a  Gruffalo  who growled and said,” I’m going to get you!”

But the paper dolls sang,” You cant get us! Oh no , no, no,! Were holding hands and we wont let go!We’re Honey L, Skye, Polly Izzy, Bethany,Grace, Grcie, and  Chloe with a bow. We’re the paper dolls and  we are friends and we  can’t stand to be split up!’

They read and read and they met a dragon who roared and  growled and said,” I,m going to get you!”

But the paper dolls sang,” You can’t get us. oh no, no, no! Were holding hands and we wont let go! We’re Izzy, Bethany, Chloe, Polly,  Grace, Gracie,  and Chloe with the bow they said,” We’re the paper dolls and we are friends and  we cant stand to be split up!

They did some maths and they did some more maths and they met a bear who  said,” GRRRRR! I’m going to get you!”
But the paper dolls sang,”You can’t get us. Oh no,no,no! We’re Izzy, Polly, Skye, Grace, Graceie, Honey L, Chloe with the bow!”

Suddenly a  boy came with a pair of scisors and said, “I’m going to chop you!”

2 responses to “My paper dolls. By Honey M K”

  1. Polly says:

    Well done Honey M K I really enjoyed your story but when I checked it whith you just a few mistakes!

  2. janefisher says:

    Well done Honey M.K. You have worked so hard this week, asking to stay in and continue writing and then typing your work on the blog. We checked your work through together on the blog and worked on the speech marks. So now remember that they go around the words that are actually being spoken.
    Well done for remembering capital letters for all the names and for using commas and exclamation marks. You remembered The Paper Dolls story by Julia Donaldson and were able to change the characters and some of the events to make up your own version of the story.
    Well done, especially for all your effort and determination to write the story. Next time, remember just to keep checking every sentence you write. Mrs Fisher 🙂

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