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North School Council Meeting.

Sunday 29th September | 1 comment

We had our first North School Council Meeting on Friday. Everyone was very enthusiastic and we had a very interesting discussion about all the things we like about school and then we thought about things that we felt needed some improvement. On Monday the school council are going to help lead the North SEAL assembly and will share their ideas with all the children.

Here are the members of the North School Assembly. (1 member was absent as she is off school poorly)

What we like about school

We thought about the things we like best at school.

  • work
  • homework
  • playing with balls & friends
  • singing
  • teachers
  • playing Mathletics – yr 2
  • iPads  – Rosemary commented that she was waiting patiently to use them.
  • Playing Education City
  • Playing on the tyres.
  • Dojo points – they help us behave

One school councillor commented that he liked making guns. We discussed that it was good to enjoy making things, but that we should be making better things than guns. We agreed that guns cause a lot of sadness in our world.

The school councillor has now decided to try to make a cow out of playdough instead of a gun. He said he couldn’t do this, but the council have encouraged him to have a go, keep practising and to remember to say, ‘I can’t do it YET!’

What we would like to improve

We talked about what we would like to improve… this was a much harder thing to think about and most of the school councillors thought that there wasn’t much we could improve on. However we did think of a few things which would help keep us safe and happy.

  • Make sure people are safe near the trees- paint a ring round them to indicate the safe height for climbing. The council felt some children are climbing too high.
  • Remove dangly branches from the trees as some children are swinging on them.
  • Move football off the playground as some children are being hurt and balls are lost on the roof upsetting the football players.

We will be meeting again on Friday October 18th. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions, please click on comments below.

Thank you from Mrs Fisher and the North School Council.

One response to “North School Council Meeting.”

  1. lamberl01 says:

    Hello North School councillors and Mrs Fisher,
    What a brilliant meeting you had! The South School Council have also met and you have given me a great idea for where to put the minutes from their meetings – I will put them on 6W blog and then everyone can see them. We are still waiting for 6W to choose their councillors (because they are all doing presentations in class and then we will have a vote). As soon as we have all the children I will post their pictures on the blog and also include the minutes from our first meeting.

    Well done councillors!
    Mrs Lambert

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