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Our ‘Groovy 1960s and 70s Museum.’

Saturday 1st February | 3 comments

On Wednesday we opened our Museum for the day and invited children from across school to come and see us. Our first visitors were RS, they were wonderful guests and gave the children the confidence to chat with the older children who came after them. 3C came before lunch and 6W and 5/6D in the afternoon. It was great to hear the children sharing the facts that they had learned and being able to talk about all the exciting things we had on show. The classes that came to visit also joined in with a short lesson on how to do the ‘Twist’ and ‘Hand Jive!’ We opened the door a little early so that parents and our families could come in and visit the museum too and it was wonderful to see so many parents keen to come and join us.

On Friday we opened again in the afternoon for a visit from 1GJ and then a final visit from our VIP guests… friends and families.

Thank you to everyone for all their support with our 1960s and 70s topic. The children have really enjoyed it and have learned an amazing number of facts and can explain how life has changed over the last 50 years.

You can also visit the 3C blog to see what they said about their visit to the Museum!

3 responses to “Our ‘Groovy 1960s and 70s Museum.’”

  1. Karen Chaudhari says:

    You did a great job 2F and must be really proud of your museum. It brought back lots of memories for me & Eva’s Dad and your descriptions of each display were really interesting. Thank you for spending so much time on this and sharing what you have learnt about the 60’s & 70’s with us. VERY ENJOYABLE!

  2. Mrs Galbraith says:

    Thank you for inviting us to your groovy museum. Class 1GJ all had a great time. You were all brilliant curators and knew lots of very interesting facts. We enjoyed learning how to dance the twist and hand jive. You will all have to visit the Year 1 Art Gallery on Friday 14th February.

  3. Clem Pickering says:

    What a great museum, I’m really sorry I couldn’t get to visit it but the videos really show all of the great things you displayed. It looks like you had lots of museum visitors and everyone looks really enthusiastic! The record player looks brilliant but not sure about the clip on earrings!

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