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Our new Learning Code and the Woolly Thinking game.

Sunday 8th September | 2 comments

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We have a new Learning Code at school and we have been learning all about it.

The code reminds us to

  • Be happy
  • Be healthy
  • Be a great learner
  • Be a good citizen
  • Be safe
  • Be the best you can be

We thought about all the positive things that we do throughout the school day and how these actions show we are following the code. The game, ‘Woolly Thinking’ helped us. Statements like, ‘Evie picked up some rubbish and put it in the bin,’ made us think about how she would be being a good citizen, being the best that she could be and would be making us all happy. The children took a ball of wool to each of the Learning Codes they thought the action showed and soon we had made a wonderful, colourful web.

We then thought of a few negative actions and for each we cut some of the threads. It only took 4 statements to destroy our web!

Together we realised that if we all follow the code it will help us build a wonderful class and a brilliant school.
Woolly Thinking on PhotoPeach

2 responses to “Our new Learning Code and the Woolly Thinking game.”

  1. Clem Pickering says:

    The woolly thinking game looks lots of fun; it looks like you came up with lots of positive things to make a very tangled web! The school learning code sounds great and very important – good luck with practicing it every day!

    Clem Pickering, Parent Governor (and Colm’s Dad!)

    • janefisher says:

      Thank you for your comment. The school Learning code is brilliant and we are all enjoying following it. I hope you enjoy keeping up to date with our learning adventures on the blog. Mrs Fisher

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