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Preparing for Winter in Year 2!

Friday 20th November | No comments yet

We have definitely started to see a change in the weather this week and have been thinking about how animals will be preparing for winter.


In our English lessons we have been watching video clips and reading information to find out more about different animals. The children enjoyed learning about squirrels and some of the clever things they do. Children wrote fact sentences to explain how they get ready for winter by fattening up, storing nuts and making comfy homes. We also found out about hedgehogs and how they hibernate.

By using our knowledge about migration from last week, the children were able to produce a short report about the different ways animals prepare for winter. We were really impressed with what they produced.


In maths this week we continued our work on addition and subtraction. Children are now really confident in how they can add and subtract two 2-digit numbers using tens and ones and most children managed to master exchanging too. Well done!

Here we are using the tens and ones:

You can practise addition and subtraction using the following online activity:


Find the supporting calculation section on the web page, then select the TU+TU or TU-TU activity!

Next week we will be moving on to money. Perhaps over the weekend you could empty your money boxes to see if you know what all the coins and notes are!


We have started to think about hot and cold areas of the world and have looked at why some places have hot and others have cold climates. Children learned about the equator and the poles. We recapped our knowledge about the different continents, labelling these on a world map.

Here is an activity to practise this:


Anti-bullying Week

This week we have been learning about how to be a good friend as part of our PSHE lessons. We used the story Elmer to look at friendship and the difference between laughing at someone and laughing with them. We also thought about ways we could make someone smile, just like Elmer did in the story.

We told some great jokes!


  • Please can children have a warm PE kit in school which includes a pair of trainers for outdoors and joggers or leggings and a hoodie. Thank you.
  • Smartie tubes are coming home today. Enjoy! Let’s get collecting those 20 ps.

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