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Rush Hour

Wednesday 21st May | 10 comments

We had a wonderful afternoon today doing a circuit of Maths activities. One of the games was called Rush Hour; the children really enjoyed puzzling how to move the vehicles to get out of the traffic jam! We have a few sets of the game in class, but you can also play the game online. Here is a link to the Thinkfun website and then click on the Rush Hour interactive game. Enjoy 🙂 !


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10 responses to “Rush Hour”

  1. bainbridge says:

    Rush Hour is a great game, even for old teachers like me! There is a deluxe version with a limousine and a safari version with wildlife animals. I came to your blog via Mrs Monaghan at A Room With A View. I’ve been blogging for several years and this is one of the very best whole school blog sites I’ve seen. Your class two blog is wonderful and I am telling teacher friends about it, because you have such good ideas and your work is marvellous. I hope your teacher gets BIG THANKS because it takes a lot of work to keep blogs going.

    Mr E

  2. Ruqayyah says:

    I Got up to level 25 on Medium and I am trying to beat it and I is FANTASTIC because I play on it every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. caiden says:

    hi see you later

  4. Eva says:

    I really like the game RUSH OUR because I completed level 25 on easy green.

  5. Ria says:

    Really good game

  6. rp7888 says:

    By the way that last post was from Colm’s brother, Ruari in 4sk. :-]

  7. rp7888 says:

    I really enjoyed playing Rush hour. It totally test your brain, just like the Rubik’s cube! :]

  8. Gurkeiret says:

    Thank you Mrs Fisher for puting rushour on the blog and I got on medium level 1.

  9. Elsie says:

    We tried to play rushour And we got to medium 3 and we did it.

  10. astephenson1 says:

    This game is fantastic. We have this game at home and it tests your logical brain. Have fun. Mrs Stephenson. X

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