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Starting Half Term 2 with a bang!

Friday 6th November | 5 comments

Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing half term break. The children have come back to school ready to learn and have impressed us with their hard work and attitude to learning.

Letters and Information

Did you receive your pack before the holidays? ‘How to support your child in Year 2’. Please ask class teachers if you do not have this information.

There is a newsletter coming home tonight with information about this half term.


In English this week, we have been exploring right choice words in fireworks poems. The children have suggested words to describe how fireworks, look, move and sound; As part of this we have looked at spelling rules for adding ing. We have looked at how we can use alliteration and rhyme. Children have read, performed and written their own poetry.


This week in maths we have been looking at adding 1s to a 2 digit number crossing ten. This has been quite tricky! We have used our number bond knowledge to help us.

This White Rose maths videos shows the methods used:


In history this week, we learned all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. The children were detectives, considering and discussing lots of different evidence.


As part of our work on Seasonal Changes, children looked for signs of autumn. They wrote about what they had seen and then used super observation when drawing leaves and seeds. We talked about how some leaves stay green (evergreen) and some change colour (deciduous).

Perhaps you could spot some seasonal changes on an autumn woods walk this weekend?

5 responses to “Starting Half Term 2 with a bang!”

  1. Sheila says:

    Great week! Vanshika has enjoyed learning all about guy fawkes.

  2. Will Parsons says:

    Abigail was very clear on firework safety after this weeks clases, and making sure we all knew how to keep safe. Thank you!

  3. Jade Thomson says:

    Great week back for Annie! Heard about all the great things she has been doing!

  4. Ayla Mum (Ellen) says:

    A good week back for Ayla and she knows all about Guy Fawkes and his plan to blow up the king!

  5. Mairi says:

    Cate had a really good first week back – she was getting very into Guy Fawkes, bonfires and fireworks, she’s been like the history channel at home!

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