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The last week of the Easter Term was extremely busy!

Thursday 17th April | 2 comments

The children had a brilliant trip to the Co-op Farm near Goole and begun the week by writing ‘Thank you’ letters to the farm and sharing their learning and experiences.

Literacy, for the rest of the week was all about CHOCOLATE! With Easter coming, everyone wasreally interested to learn all about how chocolate was made. The children followed the links on the blog and also read information books. When we had gathered lots of information we sorted it all under different sub heading and each team worked on writing a paragraph for their sub heading. The Fantastic Friends focused on finding out about the plantations where cocoa trees are grown. The Clever Kids found out about the factories where the coco beans are used to make chocolate. The Superstars worked together to find out about the history of chocolate and the different types we eat. Marvellous Mates worked together to make lists of some of the interesting facts we found out. In ICT the children published their work and added pictures. 

Finally we found out about Fair Trade chocolate and learned that in some plantations, particularly in parts of Africa, children work on the plantations and live in very poor circumstances and are unable to attend school. We learned how Fair Trade companies are working to improve this situation by paying a fairer price for the chocolate beans and not buying from plantations that use child labour.

Click on the images below and they will open up so that you can read and find out all about Chocolate!

Chocolate on PhotoPeach

In Maths the children worked on some problems about sharing chocolate bars! We listened to the ‘Chocoholic’ song and acted out sharing a bar of chocolate with 24 pieces! We learned how division is all about sharing or grouping. We also learned that if there are some pieces left over, these are known as the remainder. It was a lot of fun, thinking about all this chocolate.

You can play the song by clicking here and then have a go at home too! http://youtu.be/Oc461W-o_Kk

Try sharing different quantities things between different numbers of people. We also used the link from a previous post to Mr Toffee’s Shop and practiced buying several items and then paying with the exact amount of money. 

Finally we prepared cards and a gift to bring home for Easter. The children watched me demonstrate how to make the chicken puppets from a wooden teaspoon and use him as part of an Easter card. All the materials were on their tables, and the children worked together, helping each other to follow the instructions that they had listened too. When writing our messages we tried to use adjectives to describe members of our families to create our own personal Easter messages. Finally we decorated flowerpots and wrote labels for the sunflowers we had been growing, ready to take them home with us.


I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! Do send a comment to tell everyone what you have been busy doing and keep blogging your book reviews, reading on Bug Club and playing Mathletics

From Mrs Fisher, Mrs Suddards and Mrs Hodgson.



2 responses to “The last week of the Easter Term was extremely busy!”

  1. Ruqayyah says:

    Well done every we worked really hard!!

  2. Peter Harris says:

    Wow! You know so much about chocolate and how it is made. You are growing into fantastic young writers too – well done!

    I am glad that you had a good trip to the Co-op Farm and now know more about where food comes from.

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