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The Paper Dolls .By Chloe

Saturday 9th March | 2 comments

There once was a little girl who made some paper dolls. They were Chloe,Sam ,Isabell, Molly, Honey and Jasmin with the slipers. They played on Mathletics and changed the settings on Mrs Fisher’s ipad!!! They danced and they sang and met a  dragon who said , ” I’m going to eat you all up.”

But the paper dolls sang ”Oh no no no you can’t get us where holding hands and we won’t let go. We’re Chloe, Sam Isabell, Molly, Honey and Jasmin with the slippers.” And they jumped onto the teachers shoulder.

They read a book and they played with lego bricks and met a robot who said “I’m going to throw  you in the bin,!”

But the paper dolls sang ” Oh no no no no! We’re holding hands and we won’t let go we’re Chloe , Sam, Isabell, Molly , Honey and Jasmin with the slippers. ”

Along came a cat who said,” I’m going to eat you for dinner!” And she did! “Your gone for ever!”

But the paper dolls flew into the little girls memory. In her memory there were fire works, cake, flowers, golden stars, cats and a teddy bear. Then the girl grew and grew and eventually she became a mother and she taught her own little girl how to make some paper dolls!

2 responses to “The Paper Dolls .By Chloe”

  1. Polly says:

    Chloe I really enjoyed your veidieo!

  2. janefisher says:

    Well done Chloe. You worked very hard on your story based on The Paper Dolls by Julia Donaldson. We checked your work through together on the blog and tweaked some of the speech marks – just remember that they go around the words that are being spoken and that you start a new line for a new speaker. Well done for using apostrophes, commas and explanation marks too.
    Well done too for the extra effort that you put in, working at lunchtime to make sure you got your story typed up. Mrs Fisher 🙂

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