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The Paper Dolls. By Elliot

Saturday 9th March | 4 comments

There once was a little boy who made some paper dolls who we’re Elliot,Dilhan,Chloe,Alice and meghen with the bow. They flew into a lego box and met a lego monster who wanted too smash them and he said, “i’m going to smash you too peices!”

But the paper dolls sang “you can’t smash were holding hands and we won’t let go where Elliot,Dilhan,Chloe,Alice and Meghan with the bow!”

And they floated into the cloakroom where they met a coatmonster who said, “i’m going to suffucate you!”

But the paper dolls sang, “You can’t suffucate us we’re Elliot,Dilhan,Chloe,Alice and meghen with the bow!”  and they swang with a monkey to the reading corner.

In the  reading corner they played X-factor with the Mrs fisher’s ukuleles. Suddenly a big shadow fell on them, it was a dragon !!!!!!! Who said, “i’m going too fry you!”

But the paper dolls sang,”You can’t fry us! oh,no,no,no! We’re Elliot,Dilhan,Chloe,Alice and Meghan with the bow!”

And they sprinted into the playground where they met Edward scissors hands ,with the clever little boys.They had 6 pets,  3 cats ,2 cats and 1 puppy and they all pounced on the paper dolls and Edward scissor hands cut them up!!!!!!

But the paper Dolls weren’t gone.  The paper dolls flew into the little boy’s memory along with all the lego minifigures in the universe,remote controll cars , super hoeros , the little boy’s great grandma and great grandad. The little boy still  did’nt forget about his paper dolls.

When he was a dad he taught his own child how too make paper dolls. They were Ben,Bailey,Bavandeep,Ekam and Ayman with the cool top. The end.



4 responses to “The Paper Dolls. By Elliot”

  1. Ben says:

    Elliot, I like your story it really is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca Cobb says:

    Dear children of 2F,

    It is lovely to read your paper dolls stories on your blog and to learn their names and hear about how they like playing and dancing, reading and doing maths! I like the descriptive words that you have used such as “smash” “fry” “cook” “chop” “throw” “growled” because they make the stories exciting and I also like how one of the paper dolls is wearing slippers. I am glad that they are not forgotten even after they are gone. I think you have written these very well and you should be really pleased. I wonder what the new paper dolls that are made at the end of your stories will get up to…

    Rebecca Cobb

  3. Bailey says:

    Amalia, I have enjyed reading your story. Well done

  4. janefisher says:

    Elliot, I have really enjoyed reading your story. Well done, you took the story we read by Julia Donaldson and changed the characters and parts of the story to create your own new story. You worked hard, remembering how to put speech marks round the words that were being spoken, using capital letters for all the names and comas in a list. I especially liked the excitement you created by using the words,’Suddenly a big shadow fell on them’
    A tricky thing to remember now is how to use the words – we’re and were, also where, wear, weir. They all sound very similar, but they mean quite different things. Can you think of some sentences which show their different meanings?

    Well done for all the effort you put into your story writing and for getting it typed up on the blog for everyone to enjoy.
    Mrs Fisher 🙂

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